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Welcome to Assyrian MatchMaker!  A true match making site dedicated to helping singles of Assyrian descent from around the world find their true match.

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Assyrian Match Maker is intended for singles of ANY Assyrian descent.

Our Mission

We wanted to provide a source where singles of ANY Assyrian descent would be able to easily and safely search for other Assyrians from around the world.  This site was made specifically for Assyrians looking to match with other Assyrians.






Profiles are always kept private until a member requests we release info to a potential match.  There are no online profile pages or pictures available to the public.  Assyrian Match Makers and any potential matches you choose are the only ones that will ever see your profiles or pictures.

Our clients can release their personal information in waves as they get to know a potential match.  Offering general information at first. Then some 1st date style questions if they would like to pursue a potential match.  Finally request to offer more personal information when they are ready to really get to know a potential match.  Share your personal information little by little.

Ladies First!  Ladies always pick first!  We let female clients have the first pick of potential male matches.  Female clients get basic information of between 1-3 perfect males and always the first option if they would like to continue through the different online courtship, making it a more comfortable dating atmosphere for our females.


One minimal monthly management fee is all you pay.

That’s it!  No hidden fees.  No long-term contracts.

Request as many matches as you want.  Stay as long as you want.

Our Process

How it works

           It all starts with a detailed personal survey.  Singles will answer a series of questions with varying levels of intimacy meant to give a potential match an overall understanding of who you really are.  Answers from the survey are processed by our matchmaker to find the perfect potential match(es) for you.  A female matchmaker will process the female applicants while a male matchmaker will process those of male applicants.  Matchmakers will screen all applicants and match pictures through online social media sources.  Again, the pictures and profiles of all clients will never be posted on our site or passed to other clients without your direct consent first.


           Once a match is made, the general survey information of the males will be sent to the potential match females.  If she approves, her general survey information will be offered to the potential match male in return, and so on for the following levels of personal information.

Our Computer Courtship Process

The search starts with the survey.  The Assyrian Match Maker survey consists of around 150 questions having to do with basic information to more intimate topics.  Questions are grouped into four categories: Basic, Curiosity, Courting, and Committing.  Your survey answers are then processed and the Assyrian Match Maker logarithm will search out the best 1-3 potential matches for you.  Then the computer courtship can begin.




In the "Curious" stage of our Computer Courtship Process, some more personal basic information about the potential male match(es) is offered to the female members.  Basic information about profession, nationality, education, etc.  Enough information to pique her curiosity.  Should the female approve, then her "curiosity" level of information is returned to the potential male match(es).

Should the female members want to continue into the Courting stage, then another layer of even more personal information will be requested from the male member.  This level of questioning involves more personal questions one would ask on a fist date.  Questions about family, work, ambitions and more.

Finally, in the Committal stage of this online courtship, a final level of detailed survey information will be requested from the male match and then her detailed survey information will be offered in return. If all goes well, and both members agree, then we’ll get you and your match in contact with each other…and you all take it from there!

Our Prices

Start matching today for

$50 registration fee and

$25 per month

The registration fee and 1st months matches are waived for the first 100 matches to sign up

Prices subject to change

Like your match?  Let us set up your first date!

           We’ll schedule a day and time, pick a location to meet, call for reservations, help you pick an outfit, get you driving directions, prep talking topics, offer you gift ideas…whatever it takes to make this date the start of something great.


           If you don't like your match, just tell us and we’ll find you another match.  We’ll even let the old matches down nicely for you and work with you to find another new great match.


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